Champions for the Veteran and the Native American

Posted on November 24, 2023
Written by NickV Ministries

This month at NickV Ministries, we’re turning our gaze to two remarkable groups, Veterans and Native Americans. With the backdrop of Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Native American Heritage Day, we’re extending our heartfelt gratitude and love to both Veterans and Natives, and highlighting the unique ways that God is healing and reaching these important communities.

The Veteran: A Salute to Service

In a powerful interview this month, Nick sat down with Jeremy Stalnecker, a USMC Infantry Officer and co-founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation. This non-profit organization stands as a beacon of hope for veterans and their families grappling with the unseen wounds of combat. There’s a lot to be done, and there is a lot they’re doing in the faith-based fight on behalf of our veterans. Jeremy’s story is a testament to resilience and reliance on Christ, and we encourage you to watch the interview to witness the inspiring journey of a faithful warrior.

Then, at the Big Jesus Tent event, General Bob Dees shed further light on the crisis facing our veterans today. Startling statistics about homelessness, suicide rates, and the struggles of combat veterans underscored the urgent need for action. General Dees issued a rallying cry to the Christian community, urging us to protect those who risked everything to protect us.

Some Key Facts to Remember

  • Approximately 20 percent of homeless men are veterans.
  • The risk of suicide among veterans is 57 percent higher than non-combatants.
  • Divorce rates are around 30 percent higher among combat veterans.
  • 1 out of every 3 veterans seeking treatment for substance abuse has PTSD.

The Mighty Oaks Foundation stands as a bastion of support for those battling the aftermath of combat. This non-profit organization dedicates itself to healing the unseen wounds of war that plague veterans and their families. Explore their programs and watch uplifting testimonies at the Mighty Oaks Foundation.

The Native American: Tuff Harris and One Heart Warriors

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and the founding fellowships of our nation, it’s a great time to also turn our attention to Native American history and culture, and recognize the unique blessings and challenges within Native American Reservations, today. This month, we highlight Tuff Harris, a Christ-following leader active in bringing hope and healing to the Native community.

Founder of One Heart Warriors, Tuff Harris dedicates himself to providing discipleship and leadership training for young adults in Native communities. The mission of One Heart is clear—to identify, equip, and support leaders in Native ministry. Watch Nick’s enlightening interview with Tuff Harris to discover the impactful work being done to bring hope and healing to Native communities.

Join us in prayer as we look to partner with Tuff Harris and One Heart Warriors in 2024. As we extend our support, we hope to amplify the impact of their ministry, continuing our mission to stand with those who bring healing and hope to the people who need it most.

Until Next Time

Whether you’re a veteran carrying the weight of service or a member of the Native community navigating unique challenges, we want you to know that there’s hope for those suffering from PTSD, hope for those feeling like the least of these. In this season of gratitude and reflection, let’s join hands and extend the love of Jesus to every heart in need.

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