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Champions for the Prisoner with Jay Harvey and Nick Vujicic: Episode 204
In this powerful interview, we hear from Jay Harvey, Director of Prison Ministry for NickV Ministries. Jay shares his inspiring journey of how the Lord led him into prison ministry, and how he has seen the ministry evolve over the years. With experience working with the fastest-growing demographics behind bars, women and juveniles, Jay sheds light on the challenges faced by inmates and the need for fathers in their lives. The NickV Ministries Prison Ministry’s goal is to plant churches inside prisons. Jay shares the success they’ve seen with the discipleship programs, Free in My Faith and Staying Free, and how they identify and equip leaders to start a church. When men and women are released from prison, Jay discusses the challenges they face and how we, as the Body of Christ, can help them know they are accepted. Jay also shares his personal learnings from countless testimonies of men and women who have found hope and purpose behind bars. He addresses some of the blind spots Christians have when doing prison ministry and shares some good things to keep in mind when sharing the gospel behind bars.




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Jesus Cares for the Prisoner with Jay Harvey, NickV Prison Ministries Director
Jay Harvey, Director of NickV Prison Ministries, takes a behind-the-scenes look at churches in prisons. You can be incarcerated but also be free! Go visit prisoners. He tells his own story of alcoholism and how Jesus would not let him go. Like Jonah, God got his attention.



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After committing an armed robbery to fund his rap career, Luther Collie faced a 25-year prison sentence. Days after his arrest, he ran into a childhood friend who he hadn’t seen in years. His friend told him about a hope that transcended his physical bars – a relationship with Christ. This is Luther’s story of redemption.

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