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Winning inmates to Jesus, discipling them, and teaching them how to bring others to Christ.

Prisonmap sept 2021
“This is the best thing we have ever had brought in here. You are all changing lives!” The NVM Prison Ministry is reaching thousands for Christ and transforming lives in prisons and jails across America. We bring real, raw, and transparent evangelism content and discipleship tools to inmates. Our ministry includes our exclusive Free in My Faith curriculum along with in-person teaching. Currently in 193 prisons across 33 states, more than 45,000 inmates have heard Nick Vujicic’s Gospel message live or by DVD and more than 5,300 have made first-time decisions for Christ. We also have 5,500 facilitators, most of whom are inmates.

What We Do

Our exclusive 9-week Free in My Faith curriculum is a powerful, free resource for inmates. Thousands of inmates chose to participate in this voluntary program.

Free in My Faith: The Journey from Hopelessness to Hope,  includes a book, corresponding video lessons, and in-person teaching.  The topics include hope, love, grace, relationships, anger, guilt and shame, loneliness, forgiveness, prayer, and know God.

After completing the series, inmates can be trained as course facilitators in their prison.


Making an Eternal Impact

“Thank you so much for coming to our prison and making us feel forgiven but not forgotten. I have two daughters that come and visit me once a month and now I have something very special to talk to them about. Hopefully I can now help them find the peace in Christ that I now have. I now have my eyes open to Christ, it's a whole new beginning. God bless the NickV Ministries Team. I know Christ will smile on you all! And thank you for the lady volunteer, Bette, who sat with us through the whole event. Love you Bette...your talk really helped!”
“You impacted our group by helping us understand what forgiveness, anger, relationships, and love look like. It helped all of us to understand who God is and how we need to continuously look to Him in our daily lives. I particularly liked the discussion on hope.”
“Thank you for coming and sharing the wonderful words of God and helping me understand there is a better life in the Lord our God. Nick is an amazing man, and to see the love in his eyes really strengthened my faith and walk with God. Your ministry is really God-led. Thank you for thinking of us!”
“I’ve been a Chaplain for 13 years and have had hundreds of ministries come through here and none of them gives the whole picture like NVM. The whole team really shows the love of Christ. From the intro video with Nick to the videos of Nick speaking on hope, every person was very much involved and did not want it to end. My hope is that we can continue to work even deeper with NVM. Please come back and take us deeper.”
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