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September 11, 2023
Oradea, Romania
Over 500 in attendance
Nick is in a small town in Romania Oradea that has a population 70% Romanian and 30% Hungarian. The city is United in faith between Catholics, Orthodox and evangelicals… The common mission in the faith community is to share God’s love and bring the message of Jesus to this world.


September 12, 2023
Youth Program in the morning
2400 Students
Tuesday morning 2400 high school students were encouraged to never ever ever give up. Nick was bold to the youth and asked them to stand on their feet and proclaimed that with faith, God and family you can get through anything. 2400 people attended the evening event and heard a powerful message of hope and love! The entire crowd stood to their feet to receive Jesus! Many were inspired by Nick's message of resilience and to be resolved in their circumstances.


September 13, 2023
Kosice, Slovakia
2200 in Attendance
In Kosice in an outside amphitheater over 2300 people came to hear Nick for the first time.. Nick has never been to Slovakia and now has reached 79 nations! Nick challenged the crowd to stop focusing on image and what people think. He also told the audience that they don’t need the word to tell them how to be or what I need to be because they are God’s children.


September 14-15, 2023
Budapest, Hungary
Nick’s keynote message was a powerful message of hope and resilience and that the Key to family security is God in the center of everything. He boldly proclaimed Jesus in his prayer and in respect for the Catholics and Orthodox opened and closed his prayer in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. The summit was streamed to many nations around the world and many nations were represented at the summit.


September 16, 2023
Novi Sad, Serbia
3300 in Attendance
Nick connected with the 3,000+ Serbian people and their strong orthodox Christian roots. He asked the audience to follow Jesus Christ and to grow deeper in their faith and trust in God, and not in the world that offers only temporary hope. The entire crowd stood to their feet to pray and to boldly stand for their country and for God.


November 15, 2023
St. Olaf's Church in Tallinn, Estonia
2500 in Attendance
In Nick’s message at the historical and packed in St. Olaf’s Church emphasized the need to cling on to life. He encouraged the audience to find faith within themselves and to not be concerned about how they look, how smart they are or how their friends act. Pastor Sergei Shidlovski, the man responsible for Nick’s appearance in Tallinn and the head of the NGO God Seekers Movement, thanked St Olaf’s and the Methodist church for their cooperation.

Earlier in the day, Nick also met with President of the Riigikogu Lauri Hussar and member of the Social Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu Irja Lutsar.

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