Are You Second?

Posted on September 15, 2023
Written by Life Without Limbs

The parable of the Rich Young Ruler found in the gospel of Matthew and Mark is often used as a primary example of what happens when we aren’t willing to surrender our treasures, titles, and desires in order to follow Jesus. We are daily faced with the same challenge this young man was posed with, to put ourselves second and make Jesus our focus. In a world that emphasizes putting our own needs, desires and feelings ahead of everyone else’s, we’ve partnered with a ministry that seeks to combat this ideology with a simple statement, “I am second”. 

I Am Second is a nonprofit launched in 2008 that ignites hope and inspires people to live for God and for others. Its website,, features written and film-based stories of more than 150 athletes, actors, models, musicians, cultural influencers and everyday people who have stepped in front of the camera and declared, “I Am Second.”

Over a hundred inspiring people have sat in the famous white chair to share their raw transformation from brokenness to healing. Now it’s Nick’s turn. Nick’s testimony has captivated millions of people because while there is genuine brokenness there’s even greater healing in his message and all of this is shared through unfiltered rawness. It’s because of I Am Second’s ability to capture a testimony in an elevated story form while maintaining the rawness of God’s provision Nick couldn’t have been more excited to share his story one more time. 

Are You Second?

What would have happened to the Rich Young Ruler if he had sold his possessions and followed Jesus? When we look at what happened to the disciples – witnessing countless miracles, receiving gifts from the Holy Spirit that far outweigh any worldly gift and of course receiving eternal life in a city made of gold – it’s safe to assume the young man’s would have been greatly richer. Of course we know the road to eternity isn’t without difficulty which is what kept the young man from following Jesus. Thankfully we have a guide to help us along the way and because we believe in the Good News we are hope-filled, not hopeless.

Your Turn

When we receive a piece of good news our instinct is to share it with someone else. So why do we hesitate to share THE greatest news we’ve received, that there’s a way to eternity and his name is Jesus Christ? Because announcing we are second to an eternal being that requires us to surrender our earthly treasure isn’t a popular piece of news to share. Regardless of what culture says is worthy of being good news, as Christians we all have a piece of the good news, but we don’t all know how to share it. I Am Second has developed an easy way to begin sharing your story with others through the Live Second initiative. Just watch one of the hundreds of testimonies (Bethany Hamilton, Carrie Underwood, and Brian Welch to name a few) that they’ve captured and you’ll be inspired to share your story. 

Until Next Time

Imagine what would have happened if the disciples never shared the good news after Jesus departed? If they had kept it and all that they had witnessed to themselves? How many of us today would have become Christians without hearing about Jesus in some manner? The impact the gospel has had on this self-focused world is too great to measure. We encourage you to write your testimony down and then share it with a few people you trust. And as your confidence grows, share it with someone who needs to hear some good news. 

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