Halfway Through

Posted on June 9, 2023
Written by Life Without Limbs

As we reach the mid-year mark, we want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had at Life Without Limbs. The last six months have been filled with unforgettable experiences, powerful ministry opportunities, and countless lives touched by the message of the Gospel. Today, we want to celebrate and share with you some of the biggest highlights of the year so far!

Live Outreach

One of the most significant moments for us was the opportunity to speak at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, under the leadership of Pastor Robert Morris. Speaking to a congregation of over 21,563 people in-person and reaching over 63,000 online, Nick shared a message of encouragement and true inspiration. It was a joyous and faith-fueled occasion, made even more special as Nick’s family was able to join him. We are grateful for the support and love we received from the Gateway Church community!

We also had the privilege of visiting Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg, MD, where we witnessed the hunger for God’s truth, healing, and salvation in the hearts of people from all walks of life. Nick shared the gospel message of hope with over 9,000 people in-person, and more than 600 individuals surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. As if that wasn’t enough, over 80,000 joined us online, rejoicing in the awakening that is spreading across our nation. The testimonies we received speak volumes about the transformative power of God’s love. Check out what Patty had to say about the influence of this event:

“An unforgettable weekend for sure! Nick’s total surrender and dependence on Jesus is so inspiring. But what blew my mind away is the desperate hunger of people to hear what he had to say. On Saturday many told me, ‘I don’t mind standing, I just want to hear him.’ In this confused world, people are seeking truth, the one truth that can sustain them through any hardship. What a privilege to see so many lives receiving the real and only God in their hearts!”

“This is the first time in my 52 years of living, that I actually BELIEVED I could make it to heaven. I have always had low self-esteem and low self confidence and just could not believe I could ever be worthy. My understanding of God has been like an old Santa Claus watching my every word and action to see when he could pull the lever connected to the trapdoor with a chute straight to hell. I did NOT want to go up to the altar but my feet began moving before I knew what was happening and I began crying uncontrollably… Thank you very much for this book.”

Looking ahead, Nick has been invited to speak at a key Demographic summit, covering most of Eastern Europe, where he will share his biblical perspective on key topics such as the sanctity of life and family. Through an Eastern European tour in Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia, we aim to touch the lives of thousands more, spreading the love of Jesus and offering hope to those in need.

Prison Ministry

Our Prison Ministry continues to expand, bringing inspiration and transformation to inmates across different states. We were granted access to Seguaro Correctional in Arizona, ministering to over 200 men and launching our Free In My Faith program. This initiative aims to build a church “inside” by identifying inmates who can lead small group studies and continue to spread the message of faith, hope, and redemption. Witnessing men recommitting their lives to Christ and embracing a new purpose brings immeasurable joy to our hearts.One remarkable encounter took place in Indiana, where a disabled inmate, upon seeing Nick on the back cover of our Free In My Faith curriculum, was moved by the connection he felt. After reading through the book, his outlook on God, Jesus, and his own purpose in life was completely transformed. He became a believer, his heart filled with hope and his life forever changed. This powerful testimony reminds us that God uses our unique circumstances to inspire and redeem others.

The Big Jesus Tent

As we look ahead, we are incredibly excited to continue hosting transformative experiences that bring the story, hope, and love of Jesus Christ to communities around the world through the use of our Big Jesus Tent. These events are not just gatherings; they are multi-day celebrations of faith, hope, and the power of God’s love. From city to city, we come together under the big top tent to mobilize the local faith community and present the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to the region. These events begin with dedicated days of Community Prayer, where we seek God’s guidance and pour out our hearts for the community. Then, during the following nights, our Community Gatherings unfold, filled with powerful testimonies, uplifting worship, and a clear and unique presentation of the hope and love found in Jesus. We believe that these events are not merely moments in time but catalysts for lasting change, empowering individuals and communities to embrace a new chapter of faith, hope, and love.

Until Next time:

As we celebrate the last six months and eagerly look ahead, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunities, growth, and impact we have experienced as a ministry. We thank each and every one of you for your support, prayers, and partnership. Together, we are making a noticeable difference for the glory of God, spreading the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

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