Impact Report from South America Part 1

Posted on April 12, 2024
Written by NickV Ministries

Last month we had the honor of taking a South American Tour with the Gospel—and the results were truly spectacular! From the soaring Andes to the pulsing urban centers, our team witnessed the redemptive light of the Gospel piercing hearts across South America. Our tour of this spiritually hungry region was a powerful reminder of how thankful we are for the work God has given us, the support friends like you are offering us, and of how unstoppable the good news of Christ’s love and redemption truly is. 

Throughout the tour, we experienced an average altar call response of nearly 60% in many stadiums. We felt a powerful move of God in the hearts of the people. Latin America is facing numerous challenges, including economic struggles, delinquency, crime, violence, and moral decay. Our visit was timely, and authorities, churches, and institutions affirmed that our presence brought hope and positive change to the cities and nations we visited.

South america numbers


On Day 1 of our trip, the media impact was significant in Bogota, Cali, and Villeta, Colombia. Nick’s interviews on El Día a Día on Claro TV, the top show in the country, along with interviews by the top ten Colombian YouTubers on their live channels simultaneously, his appearance on the Colombian Government News Channel, and his speech at the House of Representatives, all received national and international media coverage. By the end of Day 1, much of Colombia was aware that Nick was visiting the nation to deliver a message of hope.

Meeting with Secretary of Government – Bogota, Colombia

Conversation with YouTubers about God and Depression – Bogota, Colombia

Conversation with Senators, Parliamentarians, university presidents – Bogota, Colombia

Villeta, Colombia, was a highlight as 99% of the 8,000 attendees at Villeta Stadium made decisions for Jesus, totaling over 7,900 people confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior. The stadium overflowed, and people even gathered at nearby plazas. Testimonies revealed that every television in local town square establishments was tuned in, with people watching the gospel presentation. One witness remarked, “It was a miracle; it looked like the World Cup was on TV, and nobody would move from around the television sets in every store front and restaurant.” Praise the Lord!

Conference at Villeta Coliseum – Villeta, Colombia

Cali saw remarkable responses, with leadership meetings, mass speeches, and significant turnout resulting in approximately 22,000 decisions for Jesus and over 32,000 attending to hear the gospel in just two days. The Host said then unfortunately they had to turn away over 10,000 people due to lack of space.

High Government Conference – Cali, Colombia


Our journey continued in Trujillo, Peru, where Nick’s speech at Plaza De Armas saw 25% of the 11,000 attendees making decisions for Jesus, impacting around 2,750 lives. National television coverage reached many homes, further spreading the message of hope and salvation. Additionally, I am pleased to share that the Government of Peru has expressed interest in inviting Nick back to speak to 220,000 university students.

Speech to 200 University’s Entrepreneurship – Trujillo, Peru

Plaza De Armas – Truillo, Peru

Until Next Time

Everywhere we went, whether speaking at universities, jammed urban churches, or makeshift shelters, the same awe-inspiring pattern emerged across Colombia and then our time in Peru. Hardened hearts were pierced by the timeless truth of the Gospel, unleashing overflowing joy and life transformation. 

The numbers tell an astonishing story – over 55,000 in total attendance, with a remarkable 32,150 making first-time decisions to follow Jesus! From the packed stadiums where thousands streamed forward in repentance, to the intimate leadership gatherings, to the public plazas, God’s Spirit was undeniably at work.

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