The Big Jesus Tent in Allen, TX

Posted on November 10, 2023
Written by NickV Ministries

It’s with hearts brimming with gratitude and joy that we bring you a recap of the monumental Big Jesus Tent event. Over ten days, we witnessed God’s work in powerful (and unexpected) ways, and while there were truly too many God-moments to count, we’re eager to recount some of the impactful stories that emerged.

Stories of Healing and Salvation

Following her onstage interview with Nick in the Champions Tent, Jenna Quinn (sponsor of Jenna’s Law) witnessed her booth for the “Abused” turn into a place of spiritual deliverance as she found herself praying with a young man. In her words, he was delivered from ‘several demons’ on that first night of the tent! It was encouraging to know there was a tangible usefulness to the booths, and to see the impact of the known and unknown prayers going on around the tent.

Another healing moment of prayer occurred when one of the Champions booth volunteers was standing nearby to the Response Team and she overheard a conversation where a young lady was looking for someone to pray with her. The Champions volunteer was able to speak with the young lady, discovering that she had just recently lost her son to a brain injury and was looking for comfort for her grief. As it turned out, the volunteer had also lost her own son a few years earlier to a very similar brain injury! She was able to minister with understanding and empathy and the women both agreed to stay in touch following the event. What a moment of God’s divine orchestration!

On the following night, there was an attendee who had just been released from Prison and he had come with his mom. During the service, he was overwhelmed with the Spirit of the Lord and re-committed his life to Christ. He then signed up to serve as a volunteer at the Big Jesus Tent every night following, convicted that he was meant to serve the Lord with whatever was needed. He lived about an hour away and didn’t have a vehicle, but through the help of friends and family he was able to return every night. He later shared how loved and accepted he felt at the event, saying he had witnessed the Spirit of the Lord in the tent and felt like he had found community.

Stories of Unexpected Grace

The fifth day turned out to be a night for leaders and volunteers to receive encouragement and prayer through Nick. With no new believers in attendance, Nick had an unexpected opportunity to spend quality time with the team, sharing in celebration and encouragement as they reflected on how God had continued to make each day uniquely special, in ways no one had planned or imagined.

One of the last nights was focused on championing The Unborn and the Foster system. As the evening was concluding, the two volunteers who had been at the booths for the Orphan/Unborn were on their way out. This was their last night serving and just as they were saying their goodbyes to staff and fellow volunteers, they ran into a couple at the Champions Info Desk. The couple was looking at bookmarks for the Orphan/Unborn and asking for more information about adopting a child! This began a conversation where the couple was able to speak directly with the ministry that facilitates adoptions, and open the door to a beautiful story. Praise God for His perfect timing!

Until Next Time

In addition to all of this, there were many more stories of veterans finding peace, addicts finding freedom, and the lost finding their Savior. The Big Jesus Tent became a sanctuary of miracles. Each day under the tent showcased God’s plan in unexpected turns, underscoring the beauty and perfect timing of His providence. Visit for more incredible stories and Champions interviews.

As we celebrate and praise God for the monumental impact of the Big Jesus Tent, let’s revel in the miracles unveiled, knowing that—with God—every thread of our journey weaves into a masterpiece of hope and redemption.

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