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Champions for the Brokenhearted: Joseph Bondarenko Interview with Nick Vujicic

Joseph Bondarenko is called the “Billy Graham of the Ukraine” and his life story is recorded in The KGB’s Most Wanted book, available on The book exposes the realities and truths of Soviet oppression that was hidden to the outside world behind the Iron Curtain of the 1960s.

In his own words: I was born into suffering. We know historically about the ghost of Communism around in Europe in the beginning of the 20th Century that finally found its place in Russia, starting in 1917. The Communist regime became the biggest tragedy in Russian history. Since then, the country has been overwhelmed by fear, chaos, calamity and distress, and persecution of Christians, taking away basic human rights. The ultimate goal brought by the new regime was to create a new type of people and society, where the new god was government, and Christians became the biggest obstacle. Any country under Communism belief in the God of the Bible was strictly prohibited. Even speaking about God was illegal.

Christians believed that God created people in His own image with dignity and values, while as Communist doctrine stated that humans evolved from apes; therefore, the government was the ultimate authority to assign value to a person’s life. The new regime removed God from society and deprived Christians of basic human rights such as higher education, employment, and freedom of religion. Christians who are constantly under attack, pressured and mistreated, were viewed as lesser people through propaganda. Christians were segregated violently, discriminated against. The Communist future had no place for Christians.

Joseph Bondarenko on KGB’s Most Wanted

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Champions for the Persecuted: A Message From Nick Vujicic

In 2017, Nick Vujicic had the opportunity to share a live message of salvation with over 400,000 Ukrainian citizens in Kyiv and millions more in neighboring countries via livestream.

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