Teens – How To Read The Bible

Nick Vujicic helps teens learn why and how to read the Bible. Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Wow! Just like I need to eat every day to live, I need to hear God’s Word every day in order to thrive and feed my spirit. Jesus said in order to live—I mean really live—we have to be feasting regularly on two things: food and God’s Word.

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Teens – Loneliness

Nick Vujicic helps teens confront the issues of loneliness. One of my friends has a son. His son has autism, and it is difficult for him to a part of social situations. He doesn’t have all the tools to be part of a conversation or to interact with other students. On the outside he looks just like us, but on the inside, his brain works differently. His dad told me that every day after school, he asked his son, “Hey, buddie, how was school today? Who did you sit with at lunch?”

Every day his son would say, “I didn’t sit with anyone. I ate lunch alone.”
Alone and lonely.

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Teens – God’s Purpose for Your Life

Nick Vujicic helps teens find God’s purpose for your life. Why are you here? Who am I? Have you wondered what God’s plan is for you? Well I know what it is!

Are you ready to hear it? Okay! Are you ready to hear it? Here’s God’s plan and purpose for you. “For this is the will of God: your sanctification.”

Wait a second! I thought God’s plan and purpose for us would be more complicated, didn’t you?

There is no mention in this verse about what college I should go to, where to spend my money, who I should date.

Shouldn’t God’s plan for my life be a little bit more detailed?

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Teens – Forgiveness

Nick Vujicic helps teens work through forgiving themselves and others by accepting God’s forgiveness. God gave us what we did not deserve. We couldn’t pay our debt of sin, yet God said, “Hey, I forgive it all and you are free. Yet like the friends of Jesus who are fighting, we wonder, “Should I forgive this guy or girl who hurts me or bullies me?”
God forgave us 250 million dollars’ worth of sins. God continues to give us love, forgiveness, and blessing. He keeps giving us more grace every day, so if we have been given grace, shouldn’t we also give the same grace to others? If God forgave our sins, can we forgive others when they sin against us? Well, that is grace. If God gave it to you, and He has given it to someone else, pass on the grace this week and forgive, just like God forgave you so you can be free, indeed!

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Fishers of Men | Life Without Limbs

It’s been ten years since Nick discovered God’s miraculous plan for his life as a worldwide evangelist sharing the message of redemption through Jesus Christ. Watch and discover how God is preparing the hearts and minds of people around the world to hear His message of love. You can be a part of Nick’s goal to continue fishing for every single soul on the planet…7 billion people. It all starts with casting your net.

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