One Country, Many Stories

Posted on February 22, 2024
Written by NickV Ministries

As we step into another month of this exciting new year, we’re thankful and humbled to already have so much to share! During our recent trip to Puerto Rico, we got a front row seat to some truly encouraging developments in a truly beautiful country. From connecting with pastors to ministering in prisons and engaging with youth, each day was filled with God-given opportunities to witness the Gospel’s transformative power at work.

Day 1: Thursday, January 18th

Our journey in Puerto Rico began with a flurry of activity and anticipation. Upon our arrival at El Sendero de al Cruz Church, we were greeted by the media for interviews, giving Nick an opportunity to speak directly to the Puerto Rican public and setting the tone for the impactful days ahead. Shortly after, we shared a warm dinner with the pastor, his family, and other church leaders, commemorating the church’s remarkable 40-year anniversary.

The evening service was a momentous occasion, with roughly 1,800 attendees (predominantly church leaders and pastors) gathered to honor the milestone anniversary. There was a beautiful and unifying session of worship, followed by a heartfelt prayer by the senior pastor, and finally the well-anticipated message from Nick. He shared an inspiring challenge for the church in Puerto Rico to remain steadfast in their evangelistic efforts and to prioritize reaching the youth. Amidst uncertainty, Nick urged them to “not get caught up with what will happen next… focus on the moment.”

Day 2: Friday, January 19th 

The day began with a significant meeting with the Governor of Puerto Rico and his associates. Nick was encouraged to find a genuine sense of openness to the free expression of the gospel throughout the island. Nick also proposed the idea of Puerto Rico serving as a “remnant” or launching pad for missionaries to carry the message of Jesus Christ to American churches, emphasizing the simplicity of the gospel.

Following this profound morning, Nick had the privilege of training over 1,200 government employees, equipping them with tools for effective leadership and service. In the afternoon, we visited a prison at Bayamon, “La Fortaleza,” engaging with 175 inmates who were hungry for hope. Witnessing 25 individuals surrender their lives to Jesus was yet another moment of God-given joy and affirmation of our efforts, marking the beginning of a new chapter as NickV Ministries extends its reach into all 33 prisons across Puerto Rico.

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Day 3: Saturday, January 20th 

On Saturday, Nick had the joy of addressing a gathering of over 1,300 youth. Their enthusiasm and receptiveness were overwhelming, with over 300 young lives committing to follow Jesus. Praise God! It was once again a testament to the power of the Gospel to transform hearts and inspire a new generation to walk in faith.


Day 4: Sunday, January 21st 

Our journey culminated in a grand event at the Coca Cola Music Hall, where 4,000 people gathered to worship and hear the message of hope. With an additional audience of 3.3 million through television and radio broadcasts, the impact extended far beyond the walls of the venue. It was a fitting conclusion to our time in Puerto Rico, reaffirming our commitment to spreading the love of Christ to every corner of the world. Mark 16:15

Until Next Time

As we reflect on our fulfilling time in Puerto Rico, we couldn’t be more encouraged and confident in what God is doing this year to transform lives and communities. From pastors to prisoners, from youth to the masses, each encounter was a vibrant testament to His grace and mercy. We leave Puerto Rico with hearts full of gratitude and anticipation for the continued work ahead. Thank you for your prayers and support as we press onward in faith, trusting in God’s provision every step of the way.

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