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Stories of Transformation

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FEB 25, 2024

Hi everyone, I’m here to encourage you today.
I grew up knowing I had struggles, and was bullied as a child. I had a hard time growing up, but I took on the challenge to find answers for my health issues.
I have cerebral palsy, autism and maybe I’m slightly bipolar, among others issues.
I keep dealing with the hell of it all, but, with God’s help, the passion of this ministry and my humilty helps to bring me closer to God.
After many years of unexplained pain, I’m glad to say thank you, for saving me by helping me realize, Jesus is the only way!
Amen, the Trinity set me free.

FEB 20, 2024

The first time I ever heard Nick speak about his relationship with Christ, I was moved to tears by his humility, and he changed my way of thinking.

I was always angry and stressed because I took care of my parents when they were in their elder years, with no help from my siblings. My Mom was blind for nine of those years which caused a lot more stress and anger in me, that her going blind was so unfair to such a beautiful, caring soul. In her younger years she helped anybody, and gave out of her many talents and loving heart. I was angry with God, that she had been allowed to go blind from optic nerve atrophy, but I stayed strong in taking care of her and her daily needs.

After watching Nick tell his testimony, I was so humbled and ashamed that I had been angry with our loving, merciful Father. I learned that there is a reason for everything, of which some things we don’t understand why these challenges happen to people who love God with all their heart.

A passage from God’s word comes to my mind, Proverbs 3 verses 5 to 6, Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

Nick learned to trust in the Lord with all his heart, and through my humility I learned to trust Him too.

FEB 14, 2024

In 2022 I was hospitalized after a family tragedy occurred. I lost my mind and was diagnosed with a mental disorder. Learning how to deal with Bipolar was hard, constantly feeling emotions, and looking for ways to ground myself in reality. I was broken, and didn’t have much hope.

A year later, after trying many things to help myself heal, I finally decided to give the Bible a try. I read about the story of Jesus. It completely touched my soul, and opened my heart to the truth. I now have peace and strength in my daily life. Jesus has opened my eyes to what truly matters!

I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across “NickVMinistries” and it completely melted my heart. Seeing the immense bravery, and strength that Nick has found in life is inspiring me to stay on my path with Jesus. Because I know, if Nick can do it then I can too, and have no excuses.
Prayers to you and yours Nick. Thank you for inspiring hope. 🙏❤

FEB 9, 2024

This is actually the story of my grandmother Brenda. She had a tough life but she was the most spiritual person I ever knew. If she didn’t tell me about Jesus when I was little, I wouldnt be saved or even be here today. I’m telling her story, I like calling it “Joyful Sorrows”. These are some of her sorrows. Her daughter killed herself at 40, her son died in a wreck at 30, her third husband hung himself in the yard at like 60, her brother struggled a lot and lost his legs and was blind. She had breast cancer for 15 years, and diabetes her whole life. Her grandkids didnt talk to her for 10-20 years, yet she still loved them whole heartedly. 
That is just a little bit of the sorrows she went through. I’m telling you this becauase, even through all of that, she was the happiest person I know, with the biggest faith I’ve ever seen. 
She was the wisest person I knew and praised, prayed and worshipped every chance she got. Thanking God for the little good she had in her life, even though there was a huge amount of bad. Her faith was very strong, and she never lost it. She died and is now in heaven, but I’m glad she isnt in pain anymore. The point of all of this is, she was joyful even in her sorrows.

AUG 12, 2023

Do to difficulties in Nigeria, I wanted to embark on cyber crime. I went so far as to use diabolic powers to make sure I succeed in cyber crime.

Upon listening to your teachings about your life, I subscribed to your YouTube channel, and started getting more of your messages. It changed my life! I repented, and today serve Jesus Christ with all my heart, not concerned about the situation of things in my life.

God bless you sir. God will use heaven to reward you, for the souls you have saved from hell fire.
Chris from Lagos Nigeria.

MAR 27, 2023

Hello, my name is Trevor. In 2015, as I was driving home from work stopped dead in traffic, an 18 wheeler gas tank truck rammed into me full speed. My work truck was fully flipped and totaled.
God sent me an angel that day, when a CHP officer driving home from work saw my dismantled truck and safely got me out of my truck, over the median and into an ambulance that took me to the UC Davis Hospital in Sacramento, Ca. There I was in put into an induced coma for 10 days. Half of my brain was terribly damaged and two thirds of my skull had to be replaced. The right side of my brain was where the main injury was. The right side of your brain has a mirror affect to the left side of the brain, therefore my left arm and leg were fully disabled. I had to relearn to eat, walk, and talk, it took me a couple years. God sent a miracle. I was private jet transported to one of the best hospitals in the nation for traumatic brain injury, Craig Hospital in Englewood, Co. The love and support from everyone at the hospital makes it such a memorable experience. For me and my family as well! One of God’s true gifts was using a machine called the Loko-mat, which taught my muscles how to move, and I could actually walk. At Christmas time 2015, I was sent home to relearn to eat, walk, and talk.

Although I have no memory up to two years after the accident, I am so blessed to have the close support of my family. I wouldn’t know where I would be today without my family close by my side sharing their love. The loss memory is a blessing to not remember the accident and the hospitals. Oh the stories of what I went through, but mainly what my family went through.

Spending time in recovery at home in Walnut Creek, Ca has been truly life changing. God gave me a miracle, while using the Loko-Mat at Craig Hospital and they recommended physical therapy in California that had one as well! I feel SO blessed that it was only 20 minutes away from my house.

While I was using the Loko-Mat my trainer invited me to come to church with her.
I went to the church in 2018 and after one visit with my cowboy hat, I felt at home! At Mission Church and every Church I have been to, every one is so caring, heartfelt, and giving! Mission church has changed my life and opened my eyes to how much I have ahead in my future!

I believe that in every struggle you always have someone there for you. God is always with you. Any difficulty canl grow into a blessing, to strengthen and grow you to overcome any struggle!
Thank you Nick for inspiring my self belief, and a positive attitude through every struggle. Through every struggle a GOOD thing can happen. Set a goal, fill it with your soul, stay happy and spread your love to everyone around you. You will find that God will give you a lot more than you desire! The happiness and love you give, spreads to other people and they share it too.
Having the Lord with me opens many doors, still today after eight years from my unexpected miracle. I am so blessed by the miracle recovery I was given, and love to inspire people to believe in themselves and more positively! God has everyone’s back no matter what. Times may grip you down but keep it in your heart and believe He will give you the strength to make it through, and give back!! If I can achieve this, you will as well!

July 23, 2022

Hello, my name is Deborah, I am wheelchair-bound, but I have been able to reach out and help more people in this chair than I ever could when I could walk—strange, huh? I have ministries that help women and men who have been raped, beaten, and held against their will by their abusers. I used to be one of these women, so I know what they face and how hard it is to get away. I had two babies at the time, but by the grace of God, He made it possible for us to get away. We stayed in hiding for three months until my court date, but he followed us back, and God kept us safe until the police came. Each time he would find us and I would have to move to a new location. This continued for years until I met my youngest daughter’s dad, and we moved three hours away. It was the first time I could breathe. But my marriage did not last long, as he hit my middle daughter for having a fan running with the window open and we had to go into a shelter.

All that is over, I have tried marriage four times only to find men who thought it was their right to abuse my children or me. I have been alone for years now. I now have stage three Parkinson’s, spinal stenosis, and many other health issues. Yet, through all this, God has placed two crosses on the inner part of my right wrist (no joke)! Meanwhile, Jesus woke me up in 2021 (at age 57) and told me I needed to go back to school to learn more, to do what I do. So, I am at Colorado Christian University (online).

I will be 59 in October and God has big plans for me. I even have a brain disease and the only reason I can go to school is through Him. No one with this brain disease would consider attending school, let alone getting a GPA of 4.0! I will be done earning my associate’s degree before this Christmas, and my ceremony will be next year in May.

On July 11th of this year, God woke me up to alert me of a problem. I use a Bi-Pap machine when I sleep, and it has a water tank. I had my mask on but was gasping for a breath, I pushed my medical alert, but they could not hear me because I was having issues trying to get air. The alert system alerted my daughter and she told me dispatch had been sent out. I Praise the Lord! There was water in my tube from my machine to my mask, and I’m so grateful I have such a long tube and the water could not get to me, but I had stopped breathing. God woke me up to breathe again since my machine was not able to take care of it!

I pray that I can come up with the money needed to attend my graduation and shake the instructor’s hand who never gave up on me, and my counselor who tells me I inspire him. He says, it’s because I always end my emails with, “Yet I smile…”

Love and hugs from your sister in Christ.

Nov 30, 2021

I was feeling quite lost and alone in my room when I came across the wonderful Nick on YouTube. 
I was mesmerized when I saw Nick addressing teens in a school. He managed to suck me in and I began to see that God and Jesus are there for us, if we only believe and keep the faith.
I have been watching Nick’s talks, following him online, praying out loud with him, and giving myself to Jesus, and asking for forgiveness.
When I prayed to ask God for reassurance that he was there, I was truly taken aback one day as I walked to the bus stop and saw a leaflet on the bus bench seat. At first I ignored it then something told me to look at it. I did so and I’m so glad I did. As I turned it over the paper said, “LETTER FROM YOUR FATHER”. Inside were the most beautiful reassuring words I will ever read. It was as if God was talking directly to me. God reassured me that He was there, even through my sins I was worthy of HIS love. I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs how glad I was. I am so thankful, and now feel lifted and in God’s presence.
I treasure my FATHERS LETTER and keep it close to me. I thank you Nick, God bless you and your beautiful family.
Thank’s be to GOD, AMEN xxxxxxxx

Aug 6, 2021

Hi Nick,
I saw you on a TV program a while back. I must say that you are an awesome man of God. God has loved you, and He loves me, this I know.
God has protected my mind from molestation, rape, helplessness, loneliness, losing my house and my job, homelessness, living in my small car with my son and my daughter, and ending my life.
Yes, it has been very tough! However, I am so grateful to God for choosing Himself as Jesus Christ to sacrifice His own life, so that I may have eternal life with Him one day.
I also know that the abuse, stoning, mistreatment and crucifixtion He allowed, was for me and my life. It really saddens me so much what He went through for me, without me deserving it. I wish I could have been there to console Him, and tell Him that I love Him so much.
God has given me hope for the future of my son, my daughter, and my two grandsons. Also, my family and extended family.
So I say to You, God, thank You for loving me, and for giving me strength, Amen.
Nick, thank you and may God continue blessing you all the days of your life, forever and ever.

June 2, 2021

I “discovered” Nick a few years ago when I was in the midst of horrific trials in my life which included severe anxiety and panic disorder.
I was so deeply impacted by his generous, courageous heart and message. I printed up heaps of pictures, bought his book and watched his YouTube messages with my six kids whom I was homeschooling at the time.
You just can’t argue with what Nick is saying because God has allowed his body to confirm the powerful truth!
As the difficulties of my life ended up causing the loss of my dreams, and I continue to live with the effects of the devastation God has allowed for me, Nick’s joyful voice keeps me accountable to hold onto TRUTH for the long haul. 
Thank you and bless you faithful soldier-brother!

May 25, 2021

The plan for January 8th, 2011, seemed simple enough. Attend a meet and greet, speak with our congresswoman and be on our way. We arrived early, met several of the congresswoman’s staff, and signed the registration list. My wife, Doris was number two and I was number three. We had just started talking with our representative when there were some loud bangs and a whirlwind of air. The first two shots were a blink of an eye apart, then a flurry of shots began and I found myself lying flat on my back, looking up at the roof under which we had been standing.
I was shot twice. The first bullet struck my upper right chest, knocking me backwards. The second bullet entered and exited my lower right leg. The shooter had emptied his extended clip of 33 rounds in less than 20 seconds.
As I lay on the concrete sidewalk waiting for the emergency responders to be allowed access to the scene, a verse of scripture came to mind: “For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.” (Romans 14:8). The verse was as comforting to me on that morning as it had been two years earlier when my doctor told me that I had cancer. Later, as the ambulance turned into the driveway that led to the emergency room entrance, I remembered the verse my wife and I chose for our wedding day: “Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but to your name give glory, because of your mercy, because of your truth.” (Psalms 115:1).
After I was moved from ICU to a private room, I could identify two choices that my wife and I would have to make if we were going to heal and make any sense of what we’d been through. They were: (1) could we still trust God, could we thank Him despite what took place, could we trust Him for the outcome? And, (2) could I forgive the shooter for what he did to me?
The bullet to my upper right chest blew a two-inch section from my clavicle, sending bone fragments into the brachial plexus nerve bundle and severing many nerves to my shoulder, arm, and hand. The second bullet entered and exited my lower right leg as I was falling. Because I lost a great deal of blood from both wounds at the scene, the doctors worried that major arteries had been punctured.
I began a personal “faith check” to review everything I had learned over the years about God’s character, purpose, sovereignty, justice, love, and forgiveness. Several passages of scripture stood out: “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised . . . Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Job 1:21b, 2:10b). “You have heard it said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get?” (Matthew 5:43–46a).
I couldn’t have done anything to prevent what took place. But that made me think about the broader issue, what can we control in our lives? I believe the only thing we really have 100% control over in life is what we think. I have been taught that our thoughts—and what feeds our thoughts—will lead to our actions:
Thoughts -> Words -> Actions -> Habits -> Character -> Reputation.
The ramifications for our lives are so great when we realize that this chain reaction originates in our thoughts! Previously, one of the things I heard Nick Vujicic say was “I have a Creator, and He designed me specifically for a purpose and if God can use a man without arms or legs to be His hands and feet, then what an awesome God we serve!” Besides scripture, Nick’s statement gave me confidence that the neuromuscular damage to my body would not hinder me in doing what God still planned for me.
Since the shooting incident, I have learned many things and have shared them with others. There are four key lessons that I found to be most valuable. First, faith and forgiveness are the result of choices—not the result of feelings or circumstances. They are based on the promises of scripture and not on experience. If I had waited for my feelings to line up with my desires, the healing would have been greatly prolonged or even delayed. In fact, I found that once I chose to believe what the Bible says regarding the placement of my trust and the extent of my forgiveness, the feelings followed! Second, I could undergo what I could not understand at the time. Third, God’s character, purpose,  sovereignty, justice and love, never change. I chose to step out in trust and took God at His Word.
Lastly, God doesn’t waste a hurt. He doesn’t comfort me to make me comfortable, but to make me a comforter to others.

Apr 6, 2021

I am a new born Christian. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior two months ago, just after my father’s wife passed away from covid. Last year we lost my dad to covid in May. It’s been devastating for my family, but more so for my young sister who was left without mom and dad in less than one year. It was all too much, and honestly I wanted to end my life. I was in such deep pain, and suffering alone. Because I didn’t have a relationship with God!

In the depths of my despair, one thing led to another and I heard Nick’s message for the first time. Up to that point I realized I had NEVER known or experienced TRUE HOPE!

I was trapped in new age delusions of what, or who God was. I honestly had a kind heart but a broken mind. I suffered from depression all my adult life and now I was starting to understand why. No amount of therapy, meditation or yoga could bring me out of my darkest hour, but God did.

For about a week I listened to Nick non stop. I needed to hear his testimony and ministry again and again. He was my human messenger of Hope. The words “don’t ask for a miracle, be a miracle” resonated so true!

As a result, the relationship with my mother radically changed, from being stuck in a place of resentment (on my part) for years. Once I was humble enough to open my heart and mind to Jesus and received His love and help, barriers dissolved. I could feel overflowing love for my mother like I never thought possible.
I want to thank Nick for his service and drive to bring the good news, and be the hands and feet of God. He truly is!

Jan 29, 2021

Nick has inspired me to start a Special Needs Ministry of my own that offers programs for people with Developmental Disabilities who are Self Advocates. I know that God has used Nick to make my relationship with the people who I spend time with.

Aug 17, 2020


Hello, my name is Alexis and I am seventeen years old!
I have seen Nick on various YouTube videos and have always felt inspired and connected to him! I was born without my right hand, due to amniotic band syndrome, resulting in the loss of limb below my elbow. But, like Nick I have never let it stop me ! In years past I have competed on my high school’s volleyball and basketball teams, and I now travel the country competing in my horse career. A career I plan on continuing through college, and later professionally. Nick has inspired me because he seems to be happy, and that is a feat many of us never seem to accomplish, and yet he did it! He also inspired me to share my own story. I have been told to write my own book, by others who recognized my love for writing and my unique circumstance. Claiming it’s the perfect ingredients for the next best seller, I guess. But I was always cautious, who would want to read about me? So far my story has been featured in local newspapers, national magazines and I have a Instagram following of 6.5K plus, but never in a book. I recently previewed Nick’s book, “Life Without Limits” and I was amazed that I had a lot of the same experiences and feelings that Nick had. The more I read, the more I realized that I could do this! I laughed a little when Nick wrote, “why couldn’t You (God) give me just one arm”? Think what I could do with just one arm!”. So, thank you Nick, thank you for your attitude, and thank you for inspiring me to get my own story out to the world! I won’t let you down, and I plan on showing exactly what you can do with” just one hand”. 😉

July 9, 2020


I am a 62 year old South African living in Kwa Zulu, Natal. Ever since I can remember I had a fascination for snakes, I started catching snakes at the age of eight and have become extremely knowledgeable about them and the environment as a whole. My young life was full of all sorts of activities such as sport fishing, hunting and of course snakes. With such a full life I never had time for God.. and although many people tried to get me to go to church I always had something else “more important” to do! Then one day (about 24 years ago) I went to remove a green mamba from a local residence. After the removal and a lesson for the old man and woman, the old lady turned and said to me “you don’t believe in God do you young man”? Before I could respond she continued, “God says that you have cheated death more than five times! You must go and fix your things with Him because you will not get another chance”!

At that time I had already planned a road trip with my twelve year old son to Namaqualand, some two thousand km from our home, and we were due to leave in three days to spend ten days in finding snakes and recording all the data we could gather. After ten days we started the long journey back home, this was now fourteen days since the “old lady incident”. No sooner had we left (in the dark after sunset) I spotted a snake crossing the road so I made a quick turn and jumped out to capture the snake. Another vehicle approached at high speed and collided with me and my vehicle. I was critically injured and by the time I got to the nearest hospital the prognosis was, I wouldn’t survive the night. My right lower leg was smashed and shattered. My right leg femur was badly broken, and the upper half of my femur smashed through my hip joint up into my abdominal cavity, and broke through my side breaking two ribs on the way out. My pelvis was also broken as was my lower back. After about an hour an ambulance arrived and took me to the Springbok hospital which was a small, ill equipped clinic that couldn’t deal with this sort of trauma. Cape Town was experiencing bad weather and they couldn’t send out a mercy flight! In the early morning hours the weather cleared sufficiently to get a flight through and I was flown to the Tygerberg hospital for emergency surgery. When I came out of surgery I was told that I would never walk again! In that first day after surgery through the mist of semi consciousness, The Lord stood at my bedside and asked if I could now lay still enough or long enough to listen? I responded “yes Lord”! He told me that He was sending someone to speak to me, and that I was to give my life to Him. Meanwhile, family friends knew a pastor in Cape Town and asked him to come and pray for me. Early the next day a man dressed in a tee shirt and shorts walked into the ward and looked around, his gaze settled on me and he walked over. As he walked over to me I told him that I knew who he was.. he didn’t seem surprised and simply said that God had sent him.. Just then my friend ‘s Pastor also walked in and the two prayed for me and led me to the Lord. I lost my leg but gained my soul! Now, I am a servant of the most High God, and still live a life of adventure! There is plenty of evidence of on the Ndlondlo Reptile Park on YouTube!


June 3, 2020


Dear Nick, many people have said I should share my story with you, given your profile I’m not sure how significant it is but here we go.

In February 2009 a friend of mine sent a clip of you called “You Will Finish Strong” which I watched in amazement and awe at your demeanor and how you engaged with others, in a way I had never seen before. Being the type of person I am, I had to find out more about you, which I did and subsequently found out that you are a Christian, which in some ways put me off, but in other ways made me more intrigued that you could love and witness for such a malevolent God who would allow his “children” to suffer. The more I listened to you speak the more angry I became at this creature whom I was not convinced existed. So, in my rage I jumped out of my seat at work and shouted “okay if you exist which is highly doubtful, and you are loving for which there is no evidence, and ‘all knowing’, change me from the inside out”. Within seconds I felt I had been stripped and a river of unforgiveness, anger, bitterness and resentment came flooding out of me. I had not cried in 23 years but was overwhelmed with this crazy sense of peace, joy and love, which to be honest I hated because all of a sudden I felt out of control, exposed and vulnerable.

That day I essentially accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour, not that I understood any of it at the time. And so, began my journey of finding a church and developing a knowledge and understanding of God and His word, etc.. However what I did not know was what lay ahead, and how God was going to work through my life. All I was told, according to God’s word was that, I was now privy to all these blessings and wonderful things, and that my life would be enriched.

Well a year later, I’m sitting in my office having a staff meeting and my wife calls to say that they suspect our son has cancer, my first reaction was to swear, apologize and then say “God you said it’s going to be good so, I believe you”. Of course, thinking this means the doctors got it wrong.

To cut a long story short, the biopsy revealed a rare and aggressive form of cancer and the CT revealed he had complications, a first of its kind pocket of cancerous fluid encapsulated the tumor, making an attack on the tumor extremely dangerous and his chances of survival almost nil. So, began a four year journey, in which we saw him recover against the odds, then have the cancer metastasize in his lungs and not only once but twice he recover after we were told he would not make it, on a few occasions. On one occasion he was grey and destined for the grave, with maybe 50 to 10 days to live. But, after the elders prayed on that Friday he walked out of the hospital the following Tuesday.

In those four years I lost my business and all my worldly assets, my self confidence and ego were shattered to nothing, but the cementation of my faith that God is real was strengthened beyond the breaking point. I’m not saying I came out unscathed because that would be a lie, I’m still struggling to reconcile all I was told and taught, I’m still struggling to rebuild my life and confidence, but because I was introduced to Christ indirectly by you (Nick) and because of your story, I always have something to look back on and remind myself that our limbs or lack thereof are not our limitation, our mindset and our attitudes are. God’s word is a very real and trusting place for setting our minds on the goal, and building character which defines our attitudes. There is a lot more detail to this story but it’s long, I will share it another time if you’d like.

Nick, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting God because it’s your story that made my story so much easier to endure, and made the cross which is the greatest story of all, so much more real and life changing. Love you forever mate, Mike


May 31, 2020


I want to declare how the Lord Jesus has helped me through the hard times facing Covid-19. I’m a doctor at a primary health care facility. But, anxiety and fear almost paralyzed my mind, making me like someone who did not know God. I tried to do a variety of things to keep my home and workplace free of the virus, with disinfection, washing my hands, and in leading my colleagues for maximum prevention and control of infection transmission at work. It turned out that God allowed me to experience symptoms similar to Covid (dry cough for ten days and myalgia). I did the first Rapid test for Covid on March 27th, and the result was negative, but ten days later, my second test was unexpectedly positive. I was shocked, scared, and worried. I have children and my parents live with me. I had to isolate myself from my four-year-old son and the rest of the family, which wasn’t  easy. All the news about COVID almost made me depressed. I did a COVID PCR check to confirm my rapid test and had to wait ten days for the results. Because of God’s mercy, my first PCR result was negative. I did a second examination fourteen days afterward, and today May second I received the results. Jesus really has mercy on me, the result is negative! What makes me feel God’s joy even more is His protection over me, not because I can take care of myself with disinfection, but just because He cares about me and my family, the most important thing, He restores my prayer altar! I thought my relationship was fine with God, but through this process God opened my eyes to real intimacy with Him. In my time of isolation, God strengthened me through His heroes of faith, (Caption Rico, Pastor Philip Mantofa, Pastor Nick Vujicic and many other servants of God). I am very grateful for the testimonies of their lives. Indeed, God allowed this situation to happen just to make us know, believe, and live in Truth. Yes, Jesus is God, and He loves us. This life is temporary, but all who believe on Jesus Christ will be processed into eternity, in heaven.


April 7, 2020


My husband and I live in Kenora, Ontario, Canada and have a street-front ministry to people who are homeless and drug addicted. We started our church in our home in 1999, and have quietly cared for these marginalized people ever since. We belong to the Pentecostal Church of God from Cleveland TN, and my husband is an ordained minister with them.

During this COVID-19 virus, all the homeless street people must roam the streets until the government supported shelter opens at 9:00 PM. Through wind, rain, and cold temperatures they must huddle outside and endure.

Finally my husband could take no more. In Christian love, he brought the people inside to sit and watch a movie in the warmth of our church. We have been feeding eighty people every night since August 15th, and the street people know my husband very well. In fact, police, the mayor, city council members, other churches, millionaires, as well as the street people all tell us, “there is absolutely no one else like you, Pastor Frank”!

Last night, March 24, 2020 it was cold and rainy outside. We couldn’t let the people wander around in the rain and cold for another night, because we have watched them decline in health for the last six months of being outside, so we let them come in. We had worship music on, but that didn’t reach them, they just shuffled around aimlessly.

These people are caught p in drug dealing, prostitution, and gang life. They are hurt people with a hard shell. They love my husband and I for how we have sacrificed for them, and they know we have and tell us they know, but for the most part they are closed up.

But last night, Frank was looking for some YouTube video to reach them. We stumbled upon your (Nick’s) preaching message in San Diego I think, where you said you were taking a leap of faith to call out the drug dealers to come to the front of the church and get saved.

All of a sudden, our people stopped their aimless wandering, came and sat down rooted to the screen watching you. They heard every word you said, and when Frank asked them to make a commitment to Jesus like you were doing on the screen, SEVEN people all stood up. All gang members.

The first thing two of them said they would do (after the crying and hugging finished) was clean up our bathrooms (where they had taken their drugs thinking we didn’t know) and behind our church, which is a drug den that we constantly have to clean out and monitor.

A few years ago, one of the leaders of our church headquarters in Cleveland, TN came to our Jubilee at our Church and said, “If anyone goes to hell in Kenora, they will have to do it crawling over your church. Because your church stands directly in their way”

Thank you for obeying that “nudge” in San Diego that night and bringing seven more Canadian souls into the Kingdom.


Lynn Kowal


March 20, 2020


The greatest gift I ever received from God was Hope. The belief that despite everything I felt the day before, today was different. I was changed. I followed the steps my Pastor laid out for me and began work at our church and daycare. Fast forward twenty years and I’m still there. Skipping thousands of trials and the conclusion that I was having failure to launch at 42, He untied a knot in my heart and opened my eyes. I arrived at my church at two years of age, so forty years of searching, scratching, running, wandering, asking, saying, I’m here casting a net. Today is February 20th, I received my sight on February 15th. I had seen Nick before but didn’t take notice. I was blind. It is very clear to me now that he and I serve the same Jesus! The excitement is hard to contain! I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and it’ll be gone. I keep asking Him if it’s mine to keep, and I just weep. He is so good to me. I just can’t thank Him enough for hanging in there with me. And then to just untie me, loosen me from within like He did. I can see the same look in Nicks face. God’s speed! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you!!


February 10, 2020


I am Elizabeth from India. A couple of days ago I was feeling low and going through a very depressed time, and my heart really longed for some incredible encouragement and inspiration to move on with. I am a mother of two special needs kids. My elder son Asher is eight years old and has ADHD. Due to his impulsivity I home school him, because he isn’t able to sit still in a classroom and not given admission to attend any school. My younger daughter Athalie has a severe form of cerebral palsy. She is six years old and completely dependent on me, as she can’t see, talk, walk, or do anything on her own. I pray everyday for God’s strength so I will be able to take care of these two precious gifts that He has given me in my care. But, as a human being sometimes it’s easy to compare ourselves with others, or feel different, unfit in a world of perfection, and overlooked by God. I searched online for people who could motivate me. About the same time I came across Nick’s book “Life Without Limits”, and I must say that it has not only inspired me but helped me see my life as precious in God’s sight. It served as a beautiful reminder that God has a plan for my life, even in my challenges. I really loved reading Nick’s words, they are just so touching, inspiring and amazing! I was trying to put myself in his shoes to understand his feelings, but It wasn’t possible for me. Yet, some of his feelings did match with mine even though I’m not disabled. Caring for a child who is completely in a vegetative state is just too hard and unexplainable. But, I am inspired by Nick’s parents, especially his Mum who lovingly cared for him and didn’t feel any hesitation or shame to take Nick in public places. Because of my daughter’s condition, I am very hesitant to take her out in public as I don’t want people staring at her. Thanks to Nick for giving me a new perspective in looking at my life and circumstances. I am very encouraged by each word and I want to read his book again and again, because it’s so superbly inspiring. My family and I presently live in Nagpur, Maharashtra the northern part of India. My husband is from Kerala, in South India. We as a family have dedicated our lives to serve Jesus and share His love with others. We have a small ministry here for under priviledged children. It’s Kids Club where children gather to listen to biblically based stories, songs.  games, and recieve valuable education. I loved the words Nick shared in his book which said “when you yourself are suffering, go and ease someone else’s pain”. I have began a blog for people who go through extreme trials, and suffering, and not able to keep their faith in God. Through my blogs I encourage them to keep their trust in Jesus and in His unfailing love.

Once again thanks a lot to Nick for writing this book and sharing his amazing life story with us. Nick is God’s best blessing for this planet. Nick, keep writing, keep sharing and keep encouraging people. May God bless you with very good health and strength. May God bless your lovely family and your ministry! With Prayers, Elizabeth.


January 16, 2020


Nick, your book “Stand Strong” has been a blessing in my life, because your words helped me get through my worst experiences. You taught me how to deal with my pain and keep faith while someone tried to make me fall. Your words of peace and strength gave me hope to help keep calm and breathe. You taught me to ask Jesus for peace when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to give up because I was so afraid for my day, and that girl. She bullied me every day at school, since the day she decided to hate me. But, I was there reading your book and asking Jesus for peace and strength to endure another day, until the end of my classes. With your help I got stronger, thank you Nick, for your book and your words, God bless you.

I wanted to send my story last year about school here in Brazil and how you helped me. I was born in the Christian cradle, but like you, I went through many struggles, but last year I really felt the love of God and He showed me how important I am, and that He is with me. I felt that through your book, God strengthened me. Thank you and God, your books are a blessings in the readers life, especially in my life. “Stand Strong ” is a amazing book, thank you, Nick.


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